A for purpose company for a safer community

  • Backy Check is the commercial arm of AMICI Tech, a social enterprise that has become the primary financial support for SnowBell Project , an Australian charity that fights child sexual exploitation.

  • Backy Check main goal is to serve our community with quality service, and support to the people who are most in need in difficult times, with excellent affordable packages to non for profits, volunteers, firefighters and everyone needing help.

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Backy Check benefits

  • As a brand new service on the market, Backy Check was built with the latest cloud technology to ensure efficiency and speed, which makes our services affordable in comparison to the current market and options.
  • Key factors such as security, efficiency, user friendly interfaces, customized support service and flexible contracts, are part of our solutions.
  • Introducing the online identity check with an accessible price, complements the conventional background check process including information of online transaction around the world, taking these services to the next level.
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Snowbell Project and Backy Check

  • A key part of our commitment to the community is our charity partner program. AMICI Tech has built a strong relationship with SnowBell Project as we believe in their cause.
  • AMICI Tech supports them financially and share technology resources and professional skills due to the nature of SnowBell work.
  • SnowBell Project engages advance technology, conducting research, development of technological programs and applications for children protection, identification of children victims of human trafficking and exploitation, and online predators.
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Our leadership team


Our team have more than 10 years each of experience working with different industries, and non for profits, with a deep understand and experience building successful technological projects, we design this solution with new techniques, deep risk assessment and the motivation to support social causes.



BI engineer and social entrepreneur with 14 years of experience. I got to conduct complex software projects, lead teams, and become an expert in process improvements. SnowBell Project founder, my current focus is to leverage technology onto the non for profit world.

Founder / CMO / CFO


My passions are sailing, digital, and do good. My career in digital started at 18 years old. I worked in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK and Australia for companies like Microsoft, Mapfre and Travelex. I founded two companies in Australia in the digital and online industry.

Lead Developer


Software Engineer and author of Material Design for UIkit Framework . Wide experience working with web base technologies and cloud services. Specialist building and integrating complex solutions. Passionate about emerging technologies and innovation.

Senior Developer


PhD student at Pablo de Olavide University, Spain. Master’s degree in Information Technology at Macquarie University. Expert in real-time system applications to process geospatial-temporal data. Extensive experience developing mobile applications, and analyzing geospatial data.


Backy Check is created with a social purpose.

Backy Check donates 10% of AMICI Tech profits to SnowBell Project , a charity that develops technology to fight child exploitation and online predatory behaviour. 100% of donations goes directly to the program.

We value the community, and the world we live in and we are determined to work with it and for it.

  • Security. Each person in every stage of her or his life should live in a secure environment and be protected from threats from other people or the environment. Backy Check wants to help businesses to build a secure environment where its employees feel secure to work in. As well as provide individual with tools to perform background checks.
  • Professionalism. Backy Check employees are highly skilled professionals with decades of experience. We are driven by our passion and love for what we do and we work tirelessly to deliver the highest possible service to our customers
  • Respect. It is the base for every human relationship, and we value working and living respecting each other.
  • Diversity, Inclusion and non discrimination. Backy Check champions diversity, inclusion, equality, fairness and non discrimination. Backy Check actively actions on these points by working closely with charities, not discriminating any person in all the phases of its work and by making sure our partners follow our same values. Backy Check makes sure we work always with people with different backgrounds, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, religions countries and stories, as we value diversity as a fundamental asset of our community, our business and our personal growth.
  • Solidarity. We have been lucky. Therefore, Backy Check wants to assists people who needs help now by actively donating 10% of our profits.
  • Friendship. We promote the value of friendship, which for us means also loyalty and equality both within our company, clients and suppliers and throughout the communities of the world.
  • Happiness Happiness is the ultimate goal of Backy Check. Once delivered on all the other points we expect people to live a happy life. Also, we live daily with a smile on our face, not taking us too seriously, and having fun. 😀 Let's chat
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