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We conduct for you pre-employment reference check and background check services for your Company.

Don't waste time chasing your candidate's feedback.

We can integrate with your existing process and integrate with other checks.

Individuals and Business

Online reference checks

By outsourcing your reference check to Backy Check you will save time which you can invest on your core business.

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You can scale easily or add other screening services. So, you can leave your background check services to us.

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Mobile ready portal

Our portal is modern and easy to use on any device.

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Easy reporting

Our portal is really easy to use and you can access to all your report in one click.

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No lock-in contracts

You are free to pick and chose the services you need. And we are sure your will be in love with our portal and we don't need to lock-in anyone.

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We are using latest secure technology to protect your data.

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Seamless integration

You can easily integrate our serices in your business. Let's have a chat

You want to perform reference checks to your employee when

  • you shortlisted candidates
  • vetting large pool of candidates
  • screening for senior roles, even if candidates are being sourced internally


  • Business partnerships
  • Rental arrangements
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For businesses

Reference check for businesses

Backy Check offers multiple solutions that will allow your business to smoothly and efficiently process your reference checks, background checks and screening services.


Co-branded website

  • Your own co-branded background check portal
  • Innovative technology
  • Flexible billing options



API integration

  • Fully integrated into your system
  • 100% online
  • Reporting and dashboards



Online portal

  • ID verification included
  • Pay as you go
  • Reporting and dashboards


Backy Check for business

Some of our features

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No fees

We all hate fees. Pay for what you use.

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Real time

Real time KPI tracking and check's status tracking.

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Dashboards and reports

Multiple dashboards available. Portal with orders in progress dashboard. And many more...

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Customer's ticketing system on portal

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Monthly online invoice

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Automated follow ups

to applicants or referees delaying responses.

Reference Check FAQ

Simply contact us, we will be delighted to offer our support with your reference checks. Start to save some time for what matter the most for your Company. We can easily integrate our reference checks with your existing processes

It depend on how this is performed.

If it is done over the phone a single reference check should take around 15 to 25 minutes. This depends from what it is checked. Some reference check can be deeper, depending on the Company requirements and job position.

If the reference check is automated, can take 30 seconds for an employer to request a reference. And once we have the responses we can take 1 day to process those and provide the report to the employer.

Reference checks are agreed by the Company which is hiring and they are meant to confirm that candidates have been honest with their job application and interview responses. Reference checks questions can be from the job titles, salary, employment dates; some examples below

  • When the applicant worked for your company?
  • Why did the apllicant leave the company?
  • Was the applicant often late? Or missed a lot of working days?
  • Did the applicant prefered to work alone or in a team?
  • What was the bisggest accomplishment while working for your company?
  • Would you hire the apllicant again if the opportunity arose? Why?
  • How the applicant handled working under pressure?
  • What was the apllicant job while working in your company?
  • Do you think the applicant will be a good fit in this new position? Why?
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