Easily check if an individual is or has been formerly bankrupt.

Backy Check has streamlined bankruptcy checks, so, you can have your report in minutes. We called it "Credit Check" and it is a comprehensive full credit report which includes the bankruptcy check. It costs only $21.90 for individuals, and there are discounts for businesses.

Backy Check will provide a complete credit report including:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit score
  • Court actions
  • Serious credit infringements
  • Credit enquiries
  • Credit accounts
  • Active defaults
  • Active commercial defaults
  • Commercial credit history
  • Active credit accounts
  • Open and closed accounts
  • Personal Statements and access record

More information on what is included in a Credit Report can be found here -> Credit Check

Backy Check bankruptcy check is recommended for:

  • Employers. For compliance purposes and to see if a candidate is subject to an insolvency administration to help protect your business from untrustworthy employees.
  • Lenders. As an essential baseline due diligence measure for new customers to help you pick the right ones and protect your bottom line.
  • Businesses. Who are chasing debtors to understand the likelihood of getting your money back so you can better plan your recovery efforts. If your debtors are facing insolvency administration, you may not be able to take further action.

Benefits of a bankruptcy check done through Backy Check

Fast icon

Fast and easy

You will receive the report in a breeze. Easy interface. Mobile friendly.

One portal icon

One online portal for all checks

You can combine multiple checks. Just add what you need.

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Pay per check

Just pay for what you use. No fees or minimum checks

How long the information about bankruptcy lasts on our credit report?

Bankruptcy on our credit report lasts five years from date of listing or two years after discharge, whichever is the greatest.

What is a bankruptcy check?

Our credit report includes the bankruptcy check, and the report specifies whether or not an individual has been declared bankrupt

Our credit report shows a list of any acts of bankruptcy that have been recorded about the applicant. These includes formal bankruptcy orders as well as debts agreements and personal insolvency agreements. The information is provided by the AFSA, the Australian Financial Security Authority.

What are the benefits of doing a bankruptcy check?

  • Up-to-date information. Knowing whether you are dealing with someone that has had serious financial hardship now or in the past can help you make informed decisions in doing business with them.
  • Complete, fast and affordable. Backy Check bankruptcy checks are available at the click of a button. Simply order one, or contact us if you need a streamlined process for your company, we have great deals ready for you. You will get your report in few minutes.

How to do bankruptcy checks?

  • For you. Just order it here. You will receive immediately on your email the login details to upload the documents needed for us to verify your identity. The list of documents required can be found here.
  • For your business. Please contact us through our form, by giving us your time and date availability.

How long it takes to do bankruptcy checks?

It takes few minutes once we have verified the identity of the applicant. The verification process it depends from the applicant or organisation speed on submitting the documents required - check the list here - through our online portal. It is an easy process which can be done from the phone in minutes.

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