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How can I improve my credit score?

The higher your credit score the healthier your credit file. This is because a high score indicates you have a history of managing your credit sensibly and making repayments on time. It pays to proactively manage the health of your credit score.

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How is a credit score calculated?

There are five main factors that impact your credit score: payment history, credit to debt ratio, credit history lenght, credit mix and new lines of credit and credit inquiries[..].

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How to fix credit report errors?

Errors in your credit report can cause serious consequences when you try to get credit or loans, and they can happen. It is important you check regularly your credit report, so the information credit providers are looking about you are correct and up to date.

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Bankruptcy check

Backy Check has streamlined bankruptcy checks, so, you can have your report in minutes. asily check if an individual is or has been formerly bankrupt. For businesses and individuals.