Psychometric assessments

To select and develop your employees

Psychometric assessments are powerful tools for hiring managers and recruiters, due to their ability to assess and predict which candidates are likely to be top performing employees in open job roles.

This assists companies to:

increase their proportion of top performing employees

reduce employee turnover rates

enhance employee engagement

The result is greater company performance, revenue, and culture, and an easier decision making process for hiring managers

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What is a psychometric assessment?

A Psychometric assessment evaluates candidates on cognitive ability, behavioural traits, and occupational interests, to identify how suitable they are to open job roles and their likelihood of being a top performer.

Results include detailed trait scores, strengths, and challenge areas.

This provides more detailed and accurate insights into candidates, enabling better and more effective hiring decisions.

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Why should I use psychometric testing?

The traditional recruitment process involving a resume and unstructured interview process is fundamentally broken and only delivers top performing applicants about a quarter of the time.

This is because it is subject to human biases and subjective thinking, which affects judgment when making recruitment decisions.

Incorporating Psychometric Testing into the recruitment process boosts the likelihood of selecting a top performer by up to three times, due to the objective, science-driven data that can be relied upon to make more informed hiring decisions.

The subsequent increase in top performing employees within your company delivers an ROI which far exceeds the initial investment into the assessments.

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Who should use psychometric tests?

Organizations across almost any industry, of any size can benefit from incorporating psychometric testing into their recruitment process, whether they are a start up or large multinational.

Our psychometric assessment features and benefits

Customised high performance role benchmarking

Many psychometric assessments will provide you with candidates’ trait levels, without actually applying the results to what your organisation requires.

We propose psychometric assessments which enable you to build high performance role benchmarks that are directly relevant to your job role and company culture, which identify the critical trait levels and abilities required for success.

By comparing your applicant results to these benchmarks, you ensure they are directly relevant to nominated job roles.

Practical Reporting

You don’t need to be a Psychologist to interpret our psychometric results reports; all are generated in actionable, practical, and easy to follow language. Training sessions are provided free of charge and typically take about 2 hours.

Results you can depend on

The psychometric assessments done have repeatedly demonstrated some of the highest reliability and validity scores on the marketplace

Unlimited Testing capability

If you have a large number of job applicants you would like to assess and are mindful of pricing, we can provide access to unlimited testing packages that enable you to assess all candidates at a low cost

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Does psychometric testing assess for Job-Related Skills and Knowledge?

Psychometric testing is more about looking at behavioural traits and general learning capability.

For pre-employment skills and knowledge testing, we recommend using another platform, which includes over 150 job-based tests, 450 subject-based tests, MSOffice simulations and video question capability.

Ask us about this platform.

This platform can be used at the screening stage to sort those applicants who can do the job from those who can’t – saving your hiring managers valuable time and money.

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Backy Check can help you design assessments tailored to your organizations needs' and requirements within specific roles.

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