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What information is in a credit report?

Personal information icon

Personal information

Your name, gender, other names, driver's licence details, date of birth, employer and known addresses.

Credit score icon

Your credit score

This is a numerical value which shows your credit ‘worthiness’ as a single number. Your credit score is dynamic, so it may change month on month as your financial circumstances change.

Current consumer credit providers icon

Current consumer credit providers

This section includes information on open accounts, credit providers, and debt collection agencies that don't currently provide a repayment history.

Consumer credit enquiries icon

Consumer credit enquiries

Your last five years credit applications with the name of the organisation you applied to. These are purely enquiries or applications made by you and doesn’t state whether the application was successful, declined or accepted.

Consumer credit accounts icon

Consumer credit accounts

The last two years of payments you have made that have been reported by the credit providers to Experian. Note: not all credit providers are reporting repayments to Experian.

Consumer defaults icon

Consumer defaults

This section shows possible defaults, overdue debts and missed payments on loans or utility bills.

Consumer serious credit infringements icon

Consumer serious credit infringements

If you have committed fraud - or attempted to - while applying for credit. If you’ve fraudulently evaded meeting your credit obligations; or your actions indicate you don’t intend to comply with your credit obligations and they’ve tried unsuccessfully to contact you about this over six months ago.

Commercial credit history icon

Commercial credit history

Information relating to an application for a commercial or business loans. This includes past or current credit relationships for your business including business credit card or trade credit accounts.

Public information icon

Public information

Any public information available about you, including information on bankruptcy or any successful court actions taken against you.

Personal statements icon

Personal statements

In specific circumstances you can request to add a short factual statement to your credit report. For example, a possible compromise of your personal identity information. This will be visible to any organisation that is allowed to see your credit report.

File access record icon

File access record

This record outlines which credit providers have requested copies of your credit report. This doesn't affect your credit score and is only for your records.

Why check your Credit Report?

We want to help you understand and protect your credit history and personal data so you can make more informed credit decisions.

Some of the reasons you want a credit report may include:

Identity theft

Check if someone is using your identity to apply for credit.

Correct personal information

Check your details are stored correctly (Name, Family Name, Address, Date of Birth).

Check that existing debts are correct

Make sure your debts are listed correctly as they may be incorrect or duplicated.

Apply with confidence

Apply for a loan or job with confidence knowing what a lender or employer knows about you.

Denied credit

If you’ve been denied credit you can find out why with a credit report.

Improve your credit reputation

Improve how lenders view your credit score.

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Credit report for Individuals

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Get access to your comprehensive credit report which includes your credit score, and an easy-to-use dashboard to monitor your report.
The credit report it is a comprehensive report which includes your credit score and much more details.

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Credit Monitoring

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12 comprehensive credit reports a year
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Why use Backy Check for your credit checks?

In addition to competitive pricing and an easy online portal that allows you to access your credit report in minutes, there are a whole lot of other reasons!

Backy Check automates most of the process

Having automated process means:

  • Reduction in human error, risk and resource cost.
  • An increase in security. We have bulletproof security policies and technologies, and all our data is stored in Australia.
  • Faster delivery of your credit report.
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What documents do you need to apply for your credit report?

Our process is smooth, fast and 100% online. In order to process your check and give you access to your comprehensive credit report, you will need to upload certain documents.

You will be asked for:

Group AGroup B
Australian birth certificateAustralian marriage certificate
Australian Defence Force Identity Card (w photo)Australian Mortgage Document (current address)
Australian drivers licenceBank or credit card statement with current address
Australian passportCentrelink card
Current AU Tertiary Education Institution Photo IDCredit or debit card issued by a FI in Australia
Foreign passportDepartment of Veterans Affairs card issued by DVA
Govt employee ID (AU Federal / State Territory)Medicare card
Proof of Age Card (Government issued)Property lease agreement
RMS (formely RTA) photo cardProperty rates notice
Working with Children/Teachers Registration CardTaxation Assessment Notice
Utility bills (e.g. phone, electricity or gas)

Credit Check FAQ

A credit score is a numerical value which shows your creditworthiness as a single number. The credit score uses information from your credit report and turns it into a number - which is the credit score.

A credit report contains detailed information, including your credit score, personal information, current consumer credit providers, consumer credit enquiries, consumer credit accounts, consumer defaults, consumer serious credit infringements, commercial credit history, public information, personal statements, file access record.

We need these details from you to verify your identity and give you the correct credit report information.

Rest assured we take the security of your private details very seriously and have stringent security policies and technologies. We also store all of our data in Australia for added security.

No, checking your report does not affect your credit score.

Checking your credit report regurarly it is actually a good way to ensure your information is accurate, and may help detect potential identity theft.

Requesting a credit report or check your credit score is considered a "soft enquiry". Soft enquiries do not affect credit scores and are not visible to potential lenders that may access your credit report.

Requesting a loan or a credit card is considered a "hard enquiry". Hard enquiries do affect credit scores. However, if you make multiple hard enquiries because you are shopping around to borrow a large amount of money, for example to buy a property, this will be considered as one hard enquiry, usually if they are made between 14 and 45 days. So, only one enquiry will affect your credit score.

You can get a free copy of your credit report, which should include the credit score, from the main credit reporting agencies: Equifax and Experian for example. You can obtain a free copy every 12 months.

However, it is probably best to check your credit report more often than this.

Your credit score is dynamic, meaning it may change from month to month as your financial circumstances change.

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Backy Check teamed up with Experian, one of Australia's official credit reporting bodies and worldwide leader, to provide you with access to your Experian score and credit file information.

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