Online identity check

Find the real person behind the online identity

How our online identity check works

Your email is like a digital footprint

91% of people with an email address have the same one for more than 3 years; and use it to make online transactions, to apply for and take out loans, to complete social profiles, and more.

We collect insights from thousands of entities

We have access to data from banks, global credit card issuers, global airlines, money transfer providers, marketplace lenders, travel websites, global retailers, eCommerce stores, shared economy, major computer manufactures and ticketing companies worldwide.

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What we can tell from this data

We use an email address to globally review the use of this email and provide a risk score. If an email is associated with a high risk score, it may be rejected when going online to make a purchase, or apply for a loan or credit card for example.

If you have a high risk score, your email may be used for fraud, charge backs (purchase something and then disputing the purchase), insurance claims and fake social media profiles.

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Who can benefit from our online identity check?


can use our online ID check to verify personal and professional profiles, providing added verification that the candidates they are talking to are who they say they are.

Insurance companies, banks, rental agents

can verify that the person they are dealing with has a clean/non-fraudulent email address.

Anyone who wants to scan social profiles

to ensure nobody is impersonating them on social media.

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Individuals and businesses

Online identity check features and benefits

Global intelligence network icon

Global intelligence network

Join a global network of industry leading companies. We use global network and machine learning algorithms. Our data is based on email, behavior pattern and history, name, address, phone number, IP, and other 100 data points.

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Digital identity

Online identity check gives a clear picture to who is behind the email and their digital identity. A powerful network intelligence and predictive fraud risk scoring. Decrease your risk.

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Real time

Real time answers, and real time global network updates and monitoring.

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Our technology is super easy to use, everything is online and it is real time, giving you easy digital identity score for each individual checked, and information about the person’s online identity

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With this engine, employment verification and new customers assessment can cost much lesser for organisations, can increase the confidence for organisations already performing a verification, and reduce risks.

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Signature product

Unique product of Backy Check Australia

Some applications

Identity fraud detection

eCommerce fraud prevention and chargebacks

Identity theft

Account takeover prevention

Insurance fraud

Knowledge-Based authentication

Debt recovery

Human rights violations

Law enforcement and cybercrime

Loan due diligence

Risk score categories

Risk Band 6: Very High Risk

Emails that land in this category are either confirmed fraud from our network, or associated with a high level of risky signals. It is recommended these digital profiles to be manually reviewed.

Risk Band 5: High Risk

Typically, the queries in Risk Band 5 have been deemed risky due to velocity patterns, signals from a known risky IP, or the transaction details reflect a history of suspected fraud on our network.

Risk Band 4: Correct Customer Record

Users occasionally mistype, or misspell their email address, rendering them invalid or incorrect. These emails are reported in Risk Band 4. In most cases, this is a good customer who has simply entered their email incorrectly, so we recommend that you contact the customer to have them correct the information before proceeding.

Risk Band 3: Neutral Risk

When an email falls into this category, it simply means that we couldn’t find anything negative associated with that information, however, we were unable to find enough positive signals to push it into Risk Bands 1 or 2.

Risk Band 2: Minimal Risk

These emails have been around for a year or two, have other positive signals associated with an IP, or other variable that is passed to us. These pose very little risk to you, and we advise that you consider approving them, based on the rest of the circumstances surrounding the transaction or customer.

Risk Band 1: Lowest Risk

Queries that land in this category typically contain emails that have existed for at least four years, and have established a pattern of positive signals across our network. These are the customers we recommend considering putting through the fast track, or auto-approving in your system.


Online identity check for employers

It can trigger a full screening if you don’t have a full pre-employment screening in place for a third of its cost

Public data

Check legitimacy of a person’s application, skills published and professional recognition. It is unlikely that people publish false information.

Fraud detection

Check if your candidate profile is not involved in fraudulent activities online. In particular if you need a clean record for the job, and if you want to reduce the risk in your business.

Police check integration

If you haven’t run a police check on your candidate, this could be a good indication for you to trigger one

Online identity check for credit providers

Complement a credit report with a global fraud risk profile

Applicant's stability

Job and financial stability check

Professional view of your applicant, which can give you a better picture of their capabilities to be on time with payments.

Avoid false applications

Fraud detection

Check that your credit applicant is not involved in frauds.
Risky applications detection, this is a good indicator to verify the nature of online transactions your applicant had

Categorise review

A negative outcome combined with a high-risk score can help you categorise manual applications review

Online identity check benefits for individuals

Online identity check individual image
  • 1

    Check your identity has not been used for frauds

    If you suspect to be victim of an identity theft.

  • 2

    Check how companies see you online

    Make your application even stronger.

For businesses

Online identity check for businesses

Backy Check offers multiple solutions that will allow your business to smoothly and efficiently process your online identity checks, police checks, background checks and screening services.


Online portal

  • ID verification included
  • Pay as you go
  • Customer support responses within 24 hours

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API integration

  • Fully integrated into your system
  • Access to reports and dashboards
  • 100% online application

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  • Introduce any client
  • The client uses our services
  • You start getting paid

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Backy Check for business

Some of our features

No fees icon

No fees

We all hate fees. Pay for what you use.

Real time icon

Real time

Real time KPI tracking and check's status tracking.

Dashboards and reports icon

Dashboards and reports

Multiple dashboards available. Portal with orders in progress dashboard. And many more...

Ticketing system icon

Customer's ticketing system on portal

Easily submit support tickets directly in the portal.

Online invoicing icon

Monthly online invoice

Invoices are in the portal, and can be easily accessed. A list of past, paid and open invoices can be seen in your portal's dashboard.

Automated follow ups icon

Automated follow ups

to applicants or referees delaying responses.

Online identity check FAQ

If you suspect someone is using your identity it is usually because you can see something like the below
  • Bills which are in your bank statement and they should not be there
  • You got a credit request refused
  • Your credit score is low with no particular reason
  • You receive mail or email that are unexpected. For example items that you didn’t purchase
  • You don’t receive mails that should come, as bills or checks
To check if someone is using your identity, you can
  • Order a credit report. Your credit report contains a lot of information about your credit history where you can find for example if someone opened a bank account in your name, or opened a credit line on your name, if your address information are correct and much more. Check it here.
  • Check your online identity has not been used online for frauds globally through. Check it here.
If you suspect your identity has been used some of the things you can do quickly are:
Backy Check online identity verification checks a person's identity globally from different sources. We give you a comprehensive report in minutes and a risk score. Some of the sources, comes from financial institutions, social media, online eCommerce, and many databases.

Go to Backy Check website at

  • Select the online identity check. You can also bundle with other checks you may want, as a credit check.
  • Complete your purchase, and you will receive a link where you can complete online the request.
  • You will then receive your online identity check.
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