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Police checks and background checks for Aged Care providers

Backy Check is making it much easier for aged care providers to get background checks done, so you can focus on providing quality care to your residents.

We also make it simpler for aged care providers to comply with the new Royal Commission regulations, so your staff can spend less time worrying about admin and more time doing what they do best – caring for residents.

Backy Check offers special deals and tailored solutions to help aged care organisation with their background checks and police certificates.

Some of the services we offer are:

Here’s how Backy Check can help you:

An affordable solution for aged care providers

Backy Check is a proud specialist in aged care, offering competitive prices to organisations making a difference in our community. With us, there are no lock-in contracts and no fees. You only pay for the number of checks you do and nothing more.

One super simple online platform

Backy Check is easy to use and provides ultra-quick turnaround times, so you can onboard carers and staff much faster. Simply fill out an application and watch as all the checks you need are completed before your very eyes.

Aussie based, with Aussie support

We’re 100 percent Aussie-based, fully accredited by the Australian government, and our friendly support team is located right here in Australia.

Stay on top of your onboarding documents

We provide a customised solution to help you stay on top of your onboarding documents. We monitor your staff checks for you, triggering alerts ahead of time, so your employee’s checks won’t lapse or fall through the cracks.

Police check for Aged Care workers

If you are an Aged Care worker seeking a police check we offer fast turnaround police checks below.

Please select healthcare worker police check on the checkout.

$ 38 .90

Employment police check

GST included

  • 100% online application
  • 70% of checks are completed in real-time.
  • ACIC Accredited
  • Secure and easy
  • For healthcare employment only
$ 21 .50

Volunteer police check

GST included

  • 100% online application
  • Fast and easy
  • Secure
  • ACIC Accredited
  • Only for non-paid jobs or positions within the voluntary sector

If you have any questions please contact us

Current Aged Care police check requirements

The Australian Government Department of Health issued in 2019 the police check guidelines. These Guidelines have been developed to assist approved providers with the management of police check requirements under the Accountability Principles 2014 (the Accountability Principles) made pursuant to the Aged Care Act 1997 (the Act).

Current requirements

Currently police certificates, not more than three years old must be held by:

  • all staff members who are reasonably likely to have access to care recipients, whether supervised or unsupervised; or
  • volunteers who have unsupervised access to care recipients.
  • Also, key personnel of approved aged care providers are required to undergo a police check.

Definition of a staff member

A staff member is defined in section 4 of the Accountability Principles as a person who:

  • is at least 16 years old; and
  • is employed, hired, retained or contracted by the approved provider (whether directly or through an employment or recruitment agency) to provide care or other services under the control of the approved provider; and
  • has, or is reasonably likely to have, access to care recipients.

Some examples of staff the Department of Health provides are:

  • key personnel of the aged care provider.
  • employees and contractors who provide care to residents.
  • allied health professionals contracted by the approved provider to provide care to recipients;
  • kitchen, cleaning, laundry, garden and office personnel employed by the approved provider either directly or through a contract agency; and
  • consultants, trainers and advisors for accreditation support or systems improvement who are under the control of the approved provider.

Definition of a volunteer

Under section 4 of the Accountability Principles, a volunteer is defined as a person who:

  • is not a staff member; and
  • offers his or her services to the approved provider; and
  • provides care or other services on the invitation of the approved provider and not solely on the express or implied invitation of a care recipient; and
  • has, or is reasonably likely to have, unsupervised access to care recipients; and
  • is at least 16 years old or, if the person is a full-time student, is at least 18 years old.

Police check disclosure

A police certificate discloses whether a person:

  • has been convicted of an offence;
  • has been charged with and found guilty of an offence but discharged without conviction; or
  • is the subject of any criminal charge still pending before a Court.

Assessing precluding offences

The offences that preclude a person from working in aged care are:

  • a conviction for murder or sexual assault; or
  • a conviction of, and sentence to imprisonment for, any other form of assault.

This means, that persons with a conviction for a precluding offence must not be hired, contracted, retained.

Statutory declarations

Statutory declarations can only be accepted in two instances:

  • for essential new staff and volunteers who have applied for, but not yet received, a police certificate; or
  • for any staff or volunteers who have been a citizen or permanent resident of a country other than Australia after turning 16.

Future state of play
for Aged Care providers

Historically, aged care employees have been asked to have a police check made each three years, or a statutory declaration. And aged care providers to demonstrate their compliance with the record keeping requirements.

However, it is clear this is problematic when those people are required to look after vulnerable people, as the police check may be out of date and not reporting issues occurred more recently. Moreover, there is not further check done for example on a global scale, as Backy Check's online identity check, which verifies the identity of the person, verifies social profiles, or a reference checks which matches the candidate online and offline background.

Backy Check can help
Aged care providers with:


For more information about the current legislation please check: Police Certificate Guidelines July 2019 Department of Health

Other source:

  • Department of Health, 2018-19 Report on the Operation of the Aged Care Act 1997, Australian Government, 2019, p 84.

This page does not represent any legal advice, you should seek your own independent legal advice from an expert.

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