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Backy Check offers a special police check price for volunteers in Australia.

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A Backy Check National Police Check is trusted and valid in all Australian states and territories.

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Bundle the volunteer police check with the right to work in Australia check (VEVO) and save even more.


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Australia-wide police checking

A Backy Check National Police Check is trusted and valid in all Australian states and territories.

Your police check certificate - also known as a criminal history check, police clearance or criminal record check - can be used in:

How to get a volunteer police check?

You just need to order one here, and the portal will verify you are are applying for a volunteer job, through your declaration that you are applying for a volunteer job.


Acceptable Volunteer Check Purposes

Volunteer checks may only be requested if the individual will:

  • freely hold the position or perform the role on a voluntary basis for the common good; and
  • not be an employee or contractor and will not be entitled to a salary or any other entitlements associated with the position or role, other than payment of out of pocket expenses; or
  • not be entitled to a salary or any other entitlements or benefits associated with the position or role;or
  • be a student undertaking a compulsory unpaid vocational placement as part of a training course requirement from an Australian-based educational institution.
Acceptable Volunteer Check Purposes
Member of a school/community-based organisation’s committee or boardProbityYes
Member of a commercial or corporate board/committee or where the position is related to or is part of the individual’s paid employment. E.g. government health employee sitting on an aged care committee (appointed due to their paid employment)ProbityNo
Required for membership to an organisation. (e.g. Freemasons - although this organisation may undertake volunteer activities, the check purpose is for membership to the organisation which offers additional benefits or entitlements)ProbityNo
Online dating requirementsProbityNo
Care (Health Care/Day Care/Aged Care/Disability Services)
Foster care/ AdoptionProbityYes
Volunteer unpaid work in care facilities (with the exception of Work for the Dole placements and commercial child care facilities)ProbityYes
Paid work in aged care facilities, day care centres or schools (Nurse, cleaner construction worker, support worker, driver, administration staff etc.)EmploymentNo
Educators/staff working in a family day careEmploymentNo
Any family members living in a house where family day care activities are conductedProbityNo
To host an AuPair (Personal benefit of in-home childcare in exchange for room, board and/or payment)ProbityNo
School, TAFE, University student work placementsProbityYes
Early childhood activities (where a parent, grandparent, guardian or carer of a child enrolled at an early childhood facility provides volunteer support)ProbityYes
Preschool, primary or high school related activity (These can include activities such as reading, assisting classes, representation on school boards, participating in excursions, providing specialist support, or short-term hosting of students as part of a cultural exchange program. All activities/roles must be conducted without receiving any remuneration or entitlement)ProbityYes
Hosting international students – where families or individuals host international students to study in Australia and receive remuneration (e.g. through Homestay)ProbityNo
Researchers (e.g. postdoctoral researcher undertaking field work)EmploymentNo
Any family member living in a home where education lessons are conducted (e.g. partner of a music teacher, tutor, art teacher)ProbityNo
WEPP Work Experience
An internship is where a period of work experience is offered by an organisation for a limited period of time. They are typically undertaken by students and graduates looking to gain relevant skills and experience in a particular field. Employers often recruit employees from their best interns, who have known capabilities. Interns should be regarded as employees if they have graduated and are using the opportunity to gain skills to seek employmentEmploymentNo
Community ServiceProbityYes
Jobactive scheme such as the Work for the Dole activities and placements (even when these placements are within charitable organisations)EmploymentNo
IVF fertility process in VictoriaProbityNo
Pre-employment checks / Person seeking employment in an unspecified roleProbityNo
TV/film work and gameshow contestantsEmploymentNo
Work placements to assist with employment (not related to education qualifications) such as internshipsEmploymentNo
Supervising a trainee or internEmploymentNo
Employed staff working with vulnerable groups (e.g. hospitality staff dealing with senior citizens)EmploymentNo
Provisional/Limited registration (i.e. a category of AHPRA registration that allows a healthcare professional, such as a physiotherapist, to commence work under supervision)EmploymentNo
Employment within a sector that works with vulnerable people (in healthcare, aged care, youth or support work)EmploymentNo
Volunteer activities for sporting groups, religious groups, schools, and charitable or not for profit community organisationsProbityYes
Volunteering for an overseas charity or not for profit organisationProbityYes
Lay ministers and other lay persons within a religious organisation who are not paid but perform worship functions in a volunteer capacityProbityYes
Religious leaders (regarded as employees of a religious organisation as they receive a professional stipend)EmploymentNo
House/pet sitting (even unpaid the individual receives the benefit of rentfree accommodation and free utility costs from the activity which have a monetary value)Employment/ProbityNo
Check required to submit a housing loan or rental applicationProbityNo
To check the background of Award nominees (Volunteer if the nominee applies and pays/Standard if the Council or Organisation applies and pays for the check)ProbityNo

Volunteer Police Check for the Election

If you need your volunteer police check for the upcoming election, you can submit it with URGENT priority through us.

How do I get a volunteer police check for the election?

Just go to the checkout, select 'Volunteer police check', purchase, and upload your documents to verify your identity into our portal.

Remember to select "Urgent" in the SECOND step of the identity verification.

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