Police check for students.
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Backy Check offers a special deal to students who need a police check or a right to work in Australia (VEVO) check.

Police check student's deal

Our best police check price. Fast and easy online application.

$ 38 .90

Employment police check

GST included

  • 100% online application
  • 70% of checks are completed in real-time.
  • Secure and easy
  • ACIC Accredited
  • For student employment, licensing, rental and personal purposes only
$ 21 .50

Volunteer police check

GST included

  • 100% online application
  • Fast and easy
  • Secure
  • ACIC Accredited
  • Only for student's non-paid jobs or positions within the voluntary sector

If you have any questions please contact us

Bundle the police check with the right to work in Australia check (VEVO) and save even more.


GST included

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Police check


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VEVO check


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Credit Check Premium $11.90/month

Monthly credit report and credit score updates.

Police check + Online identity check $48.80 $44.90

Full Australian police check cover plus global online identity check.

Credit check + Online identity check $31.80 $29.90

Check for frauds or idenity theft nationally and globally.

Australia-wide police checking

A Backy Check National Police Check is trusted and valid in all Australian states and territories.

Your police check certificate - also known as a criminal history check, police clearance or criminal record check - can be used in:

How to get student discount on police check?

You just need to order one here, and the portal will verify you are student, through one of the document you are required to provide, as the student card.

Student clearances for clinical placement New South Wales (NSW) Student Compliance

Before a student can commence a placement in a NSW Ministry of Health facility, students must be meet the mandatory requirements for a police check (also known as a police certificate, police clearance certificate, criminal history check, or criminal record check), code of conduct, immunisations, etc.

More information can be found Clinical Placement Information and Student Compliance.

Please make sure the name appearing on your National Police Chech matches with your University student application or card, as some universities may not accept if they don’t match.

If you have a criminal history in NSW

If you have a criminal history, this will not always prevent you from attending your placement.

You will need to apply for an assessment. Here the PDF.

Depending on the nature of your criminal history, you may be provided with a Clinical Placement Authority Card or a Conditional Letter and will be allowed to complete your clinical placement.

To apply for an assessment, contact the HealthShare NSW Employment Screening and Review Unit directly on +61 2 8848 5175, esruenquiries@hss.health.nsw.gov.au.

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AMICI Tech is an ACIC accredited criminal history provider. Backy Check is the brand AMICI Tech promotes background check services. AMICI Tech is accredited under Contract to access the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) through the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission. Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission is a registered trade mark of the Commonwealth of Australia. Find out more at acic.gov.au .