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Working with children checks and police checks are two different type of pre-employment screening programs which ensure child-safe working evironment in Australia.

To work with children, whether if you are an employee or a volunteer, it is mandatory and lagislated for across most states and territories in Australia that you pass some pre-employment screenings. There is not a national frameworks setting out the requirements for obtaining a Working With Children Check, or Police Check, and each state and territory has their own procedures and requirements.

What is a working with children check and how to obtain one?

In Australia, people who work or volunteer with children are screened for suitability through a Working With Children Check.

This type of check is separate and different to a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check, known also as Police Check. A Working With Children Check allows for a greater release of information to ensure the utmost safety and protection of children within the community.

Backy Check can’t provide you with any working with children check, but can help organisations to check the valididy of their employees and volunteers working with children certificates.


If you are looking to get your working with children check done please refer to the table below.

The following state and territory screening units are the only organisations allowed, under legislation, to conduct Working With Children Checks.


*Note that every effort has been made to ensure the most current and accurate information on police checks and working with children checks. However, legislation and requirements can change. Backy Check recommends you approach your local police station for up-to-the-minute accuracy on the topics above.

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