New Australian background check service

Backy Check is the newest background check service hitting the Australian market. It is June 2020, one year after the idea was born and AMICI Tech was funded.

Backy Check is the brand AMICI Tech is using to commercialise its background check services. The first of many?

Let’s do a step back at 2019.

The two founders are Cinthya and Andrea both working for global companies, the first with a charity kicked off, and the second with a digital and data company.

They decided to join the energies and create a common project which can combine their passion for technology with the common benefit of the community.

Why the attachment to the community?

Cinthya and Andrea come in Australia with one luggage - and little more 😀 - in 2011 and 2012, one from Peru and the other one from Italy. They both share the vision of making the community they are living in an happier and a safer place. The same community which gave them the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Why background check to start with?

“We had few brain storming sessions during the first days, and we had to pick one idea to focus our very limited resources and time. In short, the project we picked it was a challenging one - but it was the closest to the cause of supporting the community and its safety”

Background check service offers police check Australia wide, credit check, reference check, right to work in Australia check, and a unique signature check from Backy Check which they called online identity check. All these checks spot bad behavior, frauds, identity theft, court cases and much more, all to protect the community, and vulnerable people.

“We want to help businesses, and people, to make more informed decisions when they hire, lend money, make businesses online, rent their places, transact money and overall grow the confidence of dealing with other people, and protect our community with particular attention to vulnerable people”. “We have the technology and knowledge to link a lot of sources and give all the information withing hours to businesses and people to make their decisions. Something they would not been able to do or it would have take them months”

The community as a shareholder

AMICI Tech shareholders are Cinthya, Andrea and … the Community.

“We give 10% of our profits to charities. Our community, the people, are a shareholder of ours, only they don’t share the risk and cost 😉”.
“We also make sure our partners respect our values, and, where possible, share part of the profits to charities”.

What is different to other existing providers?

  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Fast and integrated support
  • Values
  • Uniqueness of the product
  • We cover all major checks in one fully online solution

In short Backy Check is one online solution which covers all the major checks for HR, online on-boarding portal, credit providers, landlords, agencies and individuals.

The technology

Backy Check has been built by people who have less than 35, with heaps of experience in corporations and start ups.

“We don't like ‘old systems’, we get frustrated when things are not running smoothly, and we want everything working perfectly”. “Old and clunky technologies have heaps of issue in terms of integrations, development, quickness, and are prone to security wholes. We developed exactly thinking the opposite, and with our passion and eyes to the future”.

Therefore, Backy Check team built background check which are automated, fast, reliable, and secure.

The difference of having automated system or not is the reduction in costly and slow manual works, which can also trigger security and privacy issues.

Backy Check can assist with their ticketing systems their clients faster online.

Values are certainly at the core of Backy Check project giving them a unique point of differentiation from their competitors.

The online identity check is a unique solution from Backy Check. and it gathers information about a person's online identity globally, spotting fraudsters, identity thefts, online identity behavior, social profile information, scanning criminal databases and more to give a clear picture of a person's online identity in few minutes.

This can help ecommerce businesses, credit providers, landlords, tenants, investigations or people to check if their identity is used online to make frauds.

Finally, it has a global reach, while all police checks or a credit checks are usually using local databases in different countries; also, each country has different legislations on what data is released and this can jeopardize the result.

Besides the fact that running international police checks it is really costly, slow and not all the information are contained in a police database. While Backy Check online identity check has a fraction of that cost and it runs in minutes.

Not stopping here

Backy Check it is just the first project Cinthya and Andrea want to start. They still have a lot of ideas from the first brain storming session. Other projects will come soon.

A call from the founders to everyone.

“We call for every people, business, and charity who share the same vision to get in touch with us. We want to work to improve the happiness and quality of life to other people around the world.”

"Any idea, project, collaboration, discount we can offer, persons who want to work with us, students or older who wants to learn…. get in touch" 😊

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