New police check certificate explained

On May 2021 the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check Certificates (NCCHC) have changed. If you are looking to get an Australian Police Check certificate it is important you understand those changes.

Backy Check has promptly adapted to the new changes, so you can have the most updated version of the Police Check certificate.


Check Category Type

What are the differences of the check category?

Following the NSS enhancements, the check category Employment/Probity/Licence has been split into separate categories:

  • Employment. This category appropriately covers the majority of individuals seeking a check. Examples of employment roles include:
    • Personal Care Worker.
    • Youth worker.
    • Graphic Designer.
    • Administration assistant.
    • Child care educator.
    • House sitter.
    • Uber driver.
  • Probity. Probity checks are submitted by individuals for personal probity reasons where an applicant must provide a check to represent themselves as a fit and proper person. The probity category may include decision making or assessment for an entitlement. Examples of probity roles include:
  • Licence. The licence category should be used when an Applicant need to obtain recognition, certification or registration to undertake a certain business activity. Examples of Licence types include:
    • Liquor licence.
    • Gaming licence.
    • Real Estate licence.
    • Registration as a controlled sports official.
    • Greyhound Racing registration.

Purpose Field

How do I enter the location if the proposed role is located overseas?

If the Applicant is seeking a check where the proposed place of work or role is outside of Australia, the overseas country must be entered into the free text field under “Location”. The dropdown for State and Territory must then be filed as “Other”. The correct way to enter the purpose is:

- Builder’s assistant, Habitat for Humanity, Fiji, Other

Do I need to specify if I will have contact with vulnerable people?

No, you are not required to submit information in relation to your contact with vulnerable people. The ACIC police partners have advised that since the introduction of the NDIS legislation the vulnerability indicator is no longer required.

The Service uses the purpose provided with a check to determine what information can be released in accordance with the coinciding state or territory spent conviction legislation and/or information release policies.

Different purposes for checks can affect the disclosure decisions made by police. As a result, the NPCS is strengthening the information collected around the role or entitlement being sought.

It is important that you provide clear and complete description of the role or entitlement, along with details of the organisation requiring the check.

How to apply for police check

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    Access your dashboard and complete a single application online for all your checks.

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